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M is for Masonry

Masonry is one of the oldest trades known to mankind.  The precision and skill required for a true mason have been passed on from generation to generation since the days of the great pyramids.  Our crew was trained by the Dubisars and others in the mason business locally since the turn of the century.

Along with old trade secrets, we also benefit from the latest technological advances in the concrete industry.  Ongoing education has helped keep us knowledgeable on the best practices in concrete and block products and installation.

And yet with all that background, it is inevitable that in our climate of extremes there are certain times and situations that can cause failure - even when doing our utmost to avoid it.  We strive to make your home built on the best foundation possible in this region, and will address any concerns that could arise.

Along with the foundation, we also install driveways, patios, curbs and other masonry projects as they present themselves.  Let us help you with your next project.  We also have full excavation services to compliment the masonry work.

Going Green

Green Home Building
New Terminology - Old Tradition

The relatively new concept of “Green Home” construction refers to building in such a way as to minimize environmental impact, conserve energy and water, and utilize materials efficiently. The overall global impact of this type of planning and construction technique is considerable.

Many of the concepts of “Green” construction have been a long standing tradition at RDV Construction.  We have been recommending Category I insulation systems coupled with high efficiency heating and cooling equipment to conserve energy for many years. We also make every effort towards recycling construction by-products such as wood, metals, cardboard, and plastics. Low volume water closets and shower heads are standard, as well as energy efficient water heaters. We spend considerable effort to eliminate moisture intrusion in the outer envelope of the home to maximize the overall life of the home. We utilize many proven building practices and educate homeowners on the effects of mold and choices that can eliminate potential growth areas. We also offer radon-resistant construction techniques that can eliminate the effects of radon and increase the indoor air quality.

The biggest factor in “Green” building is planning. We have a long time tradition of spending much consultation time in determining products and equipment that goes into each new home. Along with that, we now have in-house design capability that can offer customization and even more options for building “Green”.

As with every innovation, we are continually learning more about “Green Homes”. Our firm utilizes continuing education classes, resources from NAHB – National Association of Home Builders, and other internet resources to learn more about better choices in energy and resource conservation. In planning your next home, we hope to offer intelligent choices for your consideration that can have long lasting positive effects on our environment.

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