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M is for Masonry

Masonry is one of the oldest trades known to mankind.  The precision and skill required for a true mason have been passed on from generation to generation since the days of the great pyramids.  Our crew was trained by the Dubisars and others in the mason business locally since the turn of the century.

Along with old trade secrets, we also benefit from the latest technological advances in the concrete industry.  Ongoing education has helped keep us knowledgeable on the best practices in concrete and block products and installation.

And yet with all that background, it is inevitable that in our climate of extremes there are certain times and situations that can cause failure - even when doing our utmost to avoid it.  We strive to make your home built on the best foundation possible in this region, and will address any concerns that could arise.

Along with the foundation, we also install driveways, patios, curbs and other masonry projects as they present themselves.  Let us help you with your next project.  We also have full excavation services to compliment the masonry work.

About RDV Construction

In 1984, Ryan Voss Construction was established on the strong family principle to offer quality craftsmanship at its best. Over the years we've expanded to better meet the needs of our customers.  Today, the tradition continues as the RDV  team pledges to provide top-quality construction projects with an enthusiastic approach to both the work and environment created.

Building on the small-town atmosphere of Glencoe—an outlying Minneapolis suburb rich with first-class amenities including excellent park and school systems—RDV Construction can build you a living space that provides the conveniences of a community and the warmth of home.

Constant communication is a major component of the RDV Construction dedication to customer service. Meetings, phone calls and walk-throughs will provide added assurance that you’ve purchased a home built to your exacting standards, a home you’ll enjoy living in for years to come.

RDV Construction is a proud member of:
National Association of Home Builders
Builders Association of Minnesota
Central Minnesota Builders Association
National Federation of Independent Business
Glencoe Chamber of Commerce


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